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Tips for using the high speed combination oven

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Tips for using the high speed combination oven

Convection ovens are a tool that baking enthusiasts dream of, and they are rarely installed in domestic kitchens. In recent years, more and more families have installed a set of kitchens if they have the conditions, but ownership does not mean that we can fully control them.

Start by understanding the convection oven

First of all, to understand that "convection" is a gon function setting on the oven, it can be turned on or off by the switch button control. When it is turned on, it is baked using the convection function; when it is turned off, it is just a normal oven, and it is no different from the oven we usually use.

In fact, the so-called convection oven, its principle is: in addition to the oven heating as usual, the fan and exhaust system are also joined.

This will create an internal circulation system that delivers hot air evenly through the oven to the surrounding food. This means that the air directly surrounds your food and maintains a very stable temperature, helping the food to cook faster and more evenly. The exhaust system also extracts moisture from the oven, so the food becomes crispier.

Keep the following five tips out there to help you gain confidence when baking in a convection oven.

1,the temperature is reduced by 20 ° C

Since the heating and cooking efficiency in the convection oven is very high, it is usually not necessary to have a high temperature to obtain the same baking effect, so the oven can be adjusted to about 20 ° C below the recommended temperature of the recipe.

2,view at any time during the baking process

Convection ovens are very efficient and your food is usually cooked faster than usual. During the baking process, check the inside of the oven, especially when it is near the end of baking. Depending on the appearance and smell of the food, it is judged whether it is mature or not, depending on the time fixed on the formula. When you get into the habit, you will have a better feeling of predicting the baking time of certain foods.

3,leave a gap between the ingredients

Because convection ovens require air to circulate internally, avoiding overcrowding of food in the oven can block the flow of air. Although the final effect on the food itself is small, the efficiency of baking is greatly reduced, and the advantage of the convection oven is lost. So the food in the oven should not be too close, so leave room.

4,using low side baking tray

If you use low-side or frameless baking trays, it is best for convection ovens, especially when baking cookies or grilling vegetables. Allows hot air to circulate better around the food evenly and helps crispy foods become more brittle.we are provide high speed combination oven,you can know it.

5,do not open convection baking function when making cake, mousse or layer of meringue

Air movement from the fan and exhaust system can cause moisture loss, resulting in failure of the formation of the cake or tart.

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