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accelerated cooking countertop oven performance

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accelerated cooking countertop oven performance


18 times faster, SACO high-speed commercial ventless combination microwave oven with micro, convection, impingement ,smart menu

1. Forced Convection

2. Variable-Speed Impinged Air 

3. Top Tuned Impingement Heater

4. Catalytic Converter   

5. Blower Motor

6. Top-Launched Microwave System, 

7. Bottom Tuned Impingement Heater


n  Touch mode interface with smart menu system, controls are intuitive and simple to use. Three power supply: 32A, 16A, 13A.

n  32cm x 32cm (12.6” x 12.6”) cavity in a 38.3cm (15”) width footprint.

n  Control language for operation: Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish.

n  Three “Set TEMP” modes to meet different temperature requirement.

n  Temperature setting: 0-280℃ (0-536F)

n  Total 432 recipes with multi-stage programming (Up to 6 stages for each recipe).

n  Top launched dual microwave system, cook evenly, consistently and rapidly.

n  Variable-speed, vertically-recirculated air convection and impingement, can heat, brown, and crisp powerfully and intelligently as you wish with low noise.

n  Stirrer to help ensure even distribution of air and microwave.

n  Edit recipe and image on both oven and PC

n  USB port to load recipes and photos

Customer for the purpose, to satisfy every customer's pre-sales and after-sales service needs

Market-oriented, seeking and respecting every reality and potential customer

Factory management as the core, increase sales and market share and coverage

The new development is based on the standardization, serialization of the perfect design, product technology and continuous innovation. 

we are provide accelerated cooking countertop oven,we can guarantee quality.

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