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CheerChef High-Speed Accelerated Cooking Ventless Countertop Oven

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CheerChef High-Speed Accelerated Cooking Ventless Countertop Oven

CheerChef speed oven can evenly and consistently cook, bake, roast, toast, brown, and crisp food up to 15 times faster than traditional methods, resulting in a high level of throughput without compromising quality.


1. Smart menu system provide three “Set TEMP Mode” and 432 recipes, smart card and USB interface to store and convey recipes conviniently.

2. Provides multi-stage programming(up to 6 stages) and dynamic cooking, which makes cooking simple and effective at your will.

3. Uploading menu groups and recipes images

4.  Distinctive design of locking moisture and precise temperature control to ensure the quality and taste with high rate of moisture and nutrition.

5. Built-in self-diagnostics

6. No oil-smoke design and built-in catalytic converter.Needless to ventilation and smoke exhaustion system.Contamination and taint of odor are prevented while cooking different foods.

 7.  Distinctive microwave design, metal cookware are suitable for a variety of food.

8. Power saving and environmental protection. Continuously work for 8 hours with power consumption of 20 kwh.

The company has a team of engineering and technical personnel and skilled technicians. The company continues to develop, innovate, diligent and pragmatic spirit, strive for management, first-class reputation, first-class quality, first-class service, we are provide accelerated oven for sale,we can guarantee quality,welcome customers to visit and guide.

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