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Cheerchef High-Power High-Speed Accelerated Cooking Countertop Oven

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Place of Origin:China

Number of ovens:Single

Type:Convection Oven / Turbo Oven / High-speed Oven / Commercial oven

Power Source:Electric

1 phase Voltage:

220-240V AC 50/60Hz

3 phase Voltage:WYE,380-420V AC 50/60Hz; Delta,220-240V AC 50/60Hz

Max Circuit:1 phase:35A; 3phase:WYE,20A;Delta,35A

Max Power:6.5KW

Controlling Mode:Digital


Material:304 Stainless Steel


1. Forced Convection + Impinged Air + Top Launched Microwave + Catalytic Converter + Top & Bottom Heater + Smart Menu System

2. Control :Touch mode

3. Smart menu system provide three “Set TEMP Mode” and 432 recipes, smart card and USB interface to store and convey recipes conviniently.

company culture:

Entrepreneurial spirit: the courage to learn and innovate, the courage to sacrifice, the courage to take responsibility

Core Values: Establishing a company for the public

Management philosophy: command zero mistakes, zero defects in quality, zero safety accidents.

Humanistic concept: entering the company door is a family

Corporate style:excellence, and seeking truth from facts

we are provide accelerated cooking countertop oven,we can guarantee quality.

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