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Commercial High Speed Hybrid Oven Suppliers: What should I do with a microwave oven?

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Commercial High Speed Hybrid Oven Suppliers: What should I do with a microwave oven?

Commercial High Speed Hybrid Ovens are kitchen appliances that are often used in every household. Consumers can use them to thaw food, barbecue, and even disinfect. However, consumers will encounter some usage problems when they are actually applied. How do we solve these small problems? What about the problem? The author will briefly introduce you today:

What should I pay attention to when using a microwave oven to freeze meat?

The frozen meat is placed in a special microwave oven. At the same time, the meat is racked with wood chopsticks at a certain distance from the bottom of the vessel to prevent the frozen meat from being heated in the microwave oven to cook the meat.

What should I pay attention to when heating chestnuts in a microwave oven?

Because the chestnut is a closed type of food, according to the working characteristics of the microwave oven, the outer skin of the chestnut must be pierced through a hole to prevent the chestnut from bursting and the microwave oven cavity can be dirty.

When a commercial microwave oven uses the grill function, smoke will appear in the oven cavity. Is this a malfunction?

one)When using a microwave oven to grill, a small amount of smoke will appear in the vent hole of the microwave oven, which is normal;

two)When the microwave oven is used for a long time, when the barbecue is used again, due to the high temperature, the oil stain and food residue attached to the baking tube will emit some smoke. In order to avoid this phenomenon, it is recommended to use the microwave oven in time. Clean it.

There is a phenomenon of sparking inside the oven cavity of the microwave oven. What could be caused?

The container for cooking food is a metal container or has a metal edging, or the oven cavity has an acute angle during the cleaning process. At this time, it is recommended to consult a professional and solve it.

Microwave ovens heat food for a long time, what could be the reason?

It may be that the food is too much, or the food is placed too high, and there is also a reason for the voltage being too low. After encountering the problem of long heating time, you should pay attention to the above problems.

Commercial High Speed Hybrid Oven Suppliers:How to maintain a high speed hybrid oven China?

The outer layer is cleaned with neutral soapy water and dried with a soft cloth.

Use a damp cloth to remove the food scraps from the oven door, door seal and oven cavity, and use a damp cloth to remove grease from the soapy water.

Keep the inside and outside of the door clean to avoid leaving food residue.

The swivel bracket is taken out at least once a week and washed in soapy water to prevent grease from corroding the runner.

When the commercial microwave oven is not used for a long time, be careful to wipe off any water and grease that may remain inside the furnace body to avoid rust.

Precautions during the use of barbecue microwave oven

During the cooking process, if the oven door is opened, the microwave oven stops working and the furnace light is on. Close the oven door, cooking continues, when the cooking time is over, the ringtone can be heard, the commercial microwave oven stops working, and the cooking ends.

If you are grilling, halfway to the set time, open the oven door and turn the food over. When using the grill, put the food in a heat-resistant utensil and place it in the center of the bottom tray of the oven for grilling. When grilling, it is recommended to place a tray in the lower part of the grill to collect oil droplets.

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