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High speed accelerated cooking countertop oven have to pay attention to the precautions

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High speed accelerated cooking countertop oven have to pay attention to the precautions

1.Commercial microwave ovens avoid fried foods: fires can occur due to splashing of high temperature oil. If inadvertently cause fire in the furnace, do not open the door, but turn off the power first, then open the door and cool down after the fire is extinguished.

2,commercial microwave oven avoid overtime heating: food into the microwave oven to thaw or heat, if you forget to take out, if the time is more than 2 hours, you should throw away, so as not to cause food poisoning.

3,commercial microwave ovens avoid ordinary plastic containers: use special microwave ovens to hold food in the microwave to heat, first, hot food will deform the plastic container, second, ordinary plastic will release toxic substances, contaminate food, endanger human health.

4,avoid using metal utensils: because of the iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and other utensils placed in the furnace, the microwave oven will generate electric sparks and reflect the microwave when heating, both damage the furnace body and heat not cooked food.

5,commercial microwave ovens avoid using closed containers: heating liquids should use wide-mouth containers, because the heat generated by food heating in closed containers is not easy to dissipate, so that the pressure inside the container is too high, easy to cause blasting accidents. Even when boiling shelled food, the shell should be pierced with a needle or chopsticks in advance to avoid bursting, splashing and staining the wall, or splashing people.

6,commercial microwave ovens should not put the micro-furnace in the bedroom: At the same time should be careful not to cover the heat-dissipating window grille on the microwave oven.

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