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High speed accelerated cooking countertop oven

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High speed accelerated cooking countertop oven

Cooking devices which are capable of both convection heating by microwave heating and hot air circulation are known. Such devices typically operate in a microwave mode that is heated by microwaves or in a convection heating mode that is heated by hot air circulation. It is also possible to use a hybrid mode of these two modes, in which the microwave assists in the heating of the hot air.

In a fan-equipped convection oven, it is generally required to uniformly distribute the hot air in the cooking chamber to facilitate uniform heating of the food placed in the cooking chamber. Usually, a heating device and a fan are disposed on the rear wall of the microwave cooking chamber. , placed in a dedicated compartment.we are provide high speed accelerated cooking countertop oven,we can guarantee quality.

A fan is used to draw air from the cooking chamber through the perforations in the rear wall to the compartment. The fan is placed directly behind the perforations. The air drawn from the cooking chamber is then blown out from the fan in the radial direction and passed through a heating device, thereby reaching a high temperature, and then the air is blown into the cooking chamber through another opening in the outer edge of the rear wall of the cooking chamber, such that the air It is then possible to circulate through the cooking chamber and the dedicated heating compartment to convectively heat the food placed in the oven.

The spout on the back wall of the cooking chamber must be relatively small to prevent microwave energy from escaping from the microwave cooking chamber.

However, these nozzles cause severe blockages in the circulating air, causing the air flow to be lower than the required flow rate. In order to overcome these disadvantages, it is necessary to increase the air flow rate (fan speed) or increase the air temperature, which unfortunately causes a portion of the food or food near the entrance of the opening to be excessively heated or excessively dried.

A furnace of the above type is disclosed in the EP 0 023 827 patent. According to this patent, a solution to prevent the problem of excessive or excessive heating is proposed by careful design by placing the tray in the cooking chamber. However, this still does not solve the basic problem of uneven heating in the cooking chamber.

Microwave heating method:

The microwave tube emits microwave heating method, which uses the high-speed movement of the water molecules in the food itself to generate heat under the action of microwaves, and achieves the purpose of heating. The speed is fast and uniform, but there is a drawback that the main body cannot be large for the airtight individual. Metal-containing substances are heated or they are prone to explosion;

The heating tube is heated, that is, a quartz tube and a light wave tube are installed on the upper part of the microwave oven cavity for heating, and the heating method is mainly baking. Conducive to the production of barbecue food;

Steam heating method, mainly for the heating of rice and dishes similar to steamed fish. Its heating effect is good for the food to be wet and not dry.

Heating effect: These heating methods do not distinguish between good and bad, only suitable and unsuitable.we are provide high speed accelerated cooking countertop oven,we can guarantee quality.

According to the user's own production needs, select the corresponding function to operate. For example, the steamed fish chooses the steam function, the barbecue selects the light wave function, the defrosting selects the microwave function, and the like.

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