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How to avoid the disadvantages of food sterilization high speed combination oven during use

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How to avoid the disadvantages of food sterilization high speed combination oven during use

Microwave drying equipment - food sterilization commercial microwave oven penetration radiation, direct full volume heating material heating from the inside, lower test surface temperature (temperature gradient inversion), instantaneous power / temperature response, heating materials in a clean environment microwave transparent material is very Difficult to be heated, a large temperature gradient may form inside the poor thermal conductor or cause non-uniform heating.

Controllable energy (field) distribution Instantaneous energy is highly concentrated, optimize power-time relationship, improve production and improve product quality. It can be operated remotely. Process automation equipment is more expensive and complicated. It is specially designed to rapidly reduce dielectric loss of materials above critical temperature. Increase, food sterilization commercial microwave oven rapid heating (10 ~ 50 times faster than normal temperature heating), rapid drying, debinding, etc. will not cause cracking.

Reducing process costs (saving energy, time, space, labor, etc.) heating too fast can lead to "hot spots" and "thermal runaway", and the sample temperature is difficult to measure accurately.

Microwave drying equipment should pay attention to the choice of materials when it is used. If it is not suitable for microwave drying, it is better to use traditional drying method, but most materials can be heated by microwave. For real life, microwave drying equipment can be used in most cases, or we choose a drying method when choosing dry.

The advantages of microwave drying in microwave drying equipment are unsurpassed, but the shortcomings of microwaves have indeed given the manufacturers and users a severe test.

For the manufacturer, it is necessary to strictly control the magnetic field distribution of the microwave to ensure uniform heating of the material; set the temperature control probe to prevent "thermal runaway" during the heating process.

The automatic temperature control device is set to control the temperature of the material within the required temperature range; in addition, the appropriate equipment material is selected so that the material does not react with the microwave cavity and does not penetrate the cavity.

For the user, it is necessary to use pure materials to prevent the reaction of materials and impurities during the microwave heating process, resulting in material pollution; more importantly, choose a good microwave equipment manufacturer Henan Xinhang, a microwave device with good stability.

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