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Is the high speed accelerated cooking countertop oven or embedded?

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Is the high speed accelerated cooking countertop oven or embedded?

Cookies, tarts, and cake desserts, many people tasted these delicious foods and baked them in the pit. All day, like the medieval wizards, study the ingredients, mix, simmer, put into the mold, and enter the oven to wait for the delicious birth.

For the last step of oven baking, not only the time and temperature of the artificial control, the quality of the oven also fundamentally affects the quality of the food production.

At present, the ovens on the market can be roughly divided into two types: high speed accelerated cooking countertop oven and embedded oven.

Said here, a lot of white people who entered the baking line, certainly have some headaches for these oven-specific terms, don't worry, here is the oven to buy the Raiders, so that you get more and more stable on the road to baking.

The built-in oven is made into a concave shape on the counter top surface, which can be inserted into the oven, and the front panel of the oven is flush with the countertop surface of the cabinet;

The benchtop oven is placed directly on the countertop and can be moved at will. So, are these two ovens embedded or benchtop? How to choose?

In fact, the question of "a good desktop oven or a built-in oven is not very clear." In the end, it is still necessary to decide which one is more suitable according to the actual situation of the kitchen and the needs of the family.

The tabletop oven is mainly 15-40L capacity, and the embedded oven is generally more than 50L. For families who are used to cooking western-style ovens, it is recommended to use the built-in oven; just choose a table-top oven.

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