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Jinan Jiatai Electric high speed combination oven selection elements

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Jinan Jiatai Electric high speed combination oven selection elements

Temperature control

Temperature control, that is, the constant temperature function of the oven, the general temperature range is between 30 ° C and 250 ° C. Among them, the low temperature function is mainly used for fermentation. For oven novices, low temperatures make the state of the food easier to observe and control, which can further increase the success rate.

In addition to temperature control, the oven also requires three stages of fire control, namely heating options, including upper heating, lower heating and simultaneous heating up and down.


The more grills reserved in the oven, the more it can meet the heating needs of different ingredients, and the corresponding oven liner will be larger. When purchasing, you should try to choose an oven with more than 4 layers to ensure practicality.


The role of the hot air in the oven is mainly to make the food coloring during the baking process, and the convection of the heat can make the food material more evenly heated, and the user does not have to take out the baking tray to adjust the direction. The back bellows of the F1G oven has a diameter of 150 mm, the air inlet is larger, and the uniformity of the same layer is better.


During the baking process, the lighting allows the user to more intuitively observe the state of the food in the oven.


In addition to conventional dough fermentation, the oven can also be used for food thawing, roasting bacon, and the like.

When purchasing an oven with a fermentation function, it is better to use a larger capacity.

Fangtai F1G oven is equipped with 6 one-button smart menus including fermentation, which is more convenient for cooking.


It is best to choose the oven that is convenient to take the chassis. In addition, the inner liner is made of non-stick material, which can also effectively decompose the grease and reduce the attachment.

The square oven liner and baking tray are made of ETC enamel, the appearance is smooth and flat, and the grease separation and corrosion resistance are improved again. Even if it is baked with heavy oil, it is more resistant to oil and can be easily cleaned. The F1G oven can be turned down by 30° on the upper heating tube, making the top cleaning easier.we are provide high speed combination oven,you can know it.

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