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(Nnews)accelerated cooking countertop oven

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18 times faster, SACO high-speed commercial ventless combination microwave oven with micro, convection, impingement ,smart menu

1. Forced Convection

2. Variable-Speed Impinged Air 

3. Top Tuned Impingement Heater

4. Catalytic Converter   

high speed accelerated cooking countertop oven cooking poor?

Many consumers report that microwave ovens are not ideal in actual use. They are not too dry or unevenly heated. Is it really bad for high speed accelerated cooking countertop oven? In fact, the main factors affecting the cooking effect of microwave ovens are as follows:

(one)Microwave oven initial temperature. The higher the initial temperature of the food, the shorter the time required for cooking. For frozen foods, it is not suitable for direct cooking. It should be thawed and then cooked.

(two)Microwave oven microwave food size. The larger the volume of food, the longer it takes to cook. Because the food absorbs microwave energy, when the microwave field penetrates into the food, it decays exponentially from the surface to the inside, and is closer to the center of the food. The weaker the microwave field, the less microwave energy it can absorb.

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