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What are the advantages of the new commercial microwave oven drying and sterilization equipment?

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What are the advantages of the new commercial microwave oven drying and sterilization equipment?

The advantages of microwave drying sterilization equipment compared with traditional sterilization methods are:

Microwave drying and sterilization equipment uses electricity, no complicated pipelines and fuels, no “three wastes”, small equipment area, no pollution to the environment, and meets national environmental protection and sanitary standards.

The microwave drying and sterilizing equipment has advanced technology and simple operation. The equipment adopts plc panel type program control, imported components, temperature measuring system, monitoring system, etc., one-button starting, power size can be flexibly regulated, and can realize automatic mass production.

The microwave drying and sterilizing equipment has the advantages of fast speed and short time, and it is possible to achieve uniform sterilization even without flipping up and down.

Microwave drying and sterilizing equipment can sterilize and kill eggs while maintaining more nutrients, which is in line with national health monitoring standards.we are provide commercial microwave oven china,We can guarantee quality.

Microwave drying sterilization equipment also has a puffing function. The roasted black beans are larger than other baking methods, and the color is bright and not easy to get angry, which is more conducive to powdering in the later stage.

If the microwave drying and sterilizing equipment is adjusted, it can also realize the drying and drying of miscellaneous grains, miscellaneous grains, sterilization of bagged miscellaneous grains, noodles, noodles, noodles and other miscellaneous grains.

Principle of sewage treatment in microwave sewage treatment equipment

1)Sewage pretreatment part: including grille and water collection k pool o grille: (water quality with larger particulate matter in water, such as urban domestic sewage), remove large debris such as sandstone, wood block, plastic, etc.The influent water quality can be set with the thick book of the tongue, the fine grid and the two grids at the same time; the water pool k is used to adjust the influent water and water quality, and reduce the impact load on the subsequent treatment structures; In the way, the collecting basin can guarantee and control the sewage in the unit.

2)Microwave sewage treatment equipment dosing part: including 1 # medicament storage, 1# dosing pump, 1# mixed reaction tank; 2# medicament storage, 2# dosing pump, 2# mixed reaction tank.; 

2# Pharmacy - generally is polyferric sulfate, polysilicate iron sulphate, ferrous sulfate, ferric chloride, polymeric aluminum sulphate, sodium hypochlorite, and the like. In order to ensure that the 2# agent is thoroughly mixed with the sewage, the 2# agent is added to the pipe before the pipe mixer.we are provide commercial microwave oven china,We can guarantee quality.

The mixer thoroughly mixes and oscillates the sewage with the added 1 # and 2# additives;

3)Microwave sewage treatment equipment reaction part: physical and chemical reaction of pollutants and additives and physical and chemical reactions of microwave low-temperature catalysis; including microwave source, resonant cavity, microwave source console. The microwave device reaction portion is the core of the process. The decontamination effect is achieved by the functions of selective heat, low temperature catalysis, and rapid penetration of the absorbing material by the microwave field.

4) Settling and filtering part: realize solid-liquid separation and sedimentation filtration integrated machine-sewage adding sensitizer and 2# agent, and process large-particle vanadium flower after treatment by microwave sewage treatment equipment reactor, in natural state, 3~5 seconds After the rapid precipitation.

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