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What is a high speed combination oven

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What is a high speed combination oven

Let us find out the true convection, discuss when to use it, and more importantly when not to use it.

What is convection?

Quite simply, a convection oven has a fan and exhaust system, a normal oven does not. Fans and vents help blow hot air around the food and then expel it. Therefore, hot air surrounds the food, making it even and faster to cook.

A good way to describe this comes from fine cooking: "To help understand this, consider the cold: When the cold air blows you in the winter of the blow, you feel colder than the windless days at the same temperature. “The same applies to calories and convection cooking!

Why use convection?

It cooks faster: Because hot air is blown directly onto the food, not just around the food, the cooking speed of the food in the convection oven is increased by about 25%.

It cooks more evenly: regular ovens can have hot spots, depending on the location of the heating element, but the fan in the convection oven will circulate air to help balance the temperature difference.

Better browning: The air in a regular oven becomes a bit damp because moisture can't escape. Convection produces a dry atmosphere, and caramel is faster when baked, so foods such as meat and vegetables become browner, but the interior remains moist.we are commercial microwave oven manufacturer and provide high speed combination oven,you can know it.

It saves energy: because food is cooked faster in convection ovens and temperatures are usually lower, it is more energy efficient than regular ovens.

When should I use the convection setting and when should I use the regular oven settings?

Since convection has many benefits, you may wonder why most convection ovens still have a normal oven setting. Depending on what you have done, there are situations where you don't actually want the hot air around the fan to circulate.

When to use convection settings

You are baking at any time: Baked foods, such as meat and vegetables, really benefit from convection cooking. They cook faster, more evenly, and the dry environment produces crispy skin, and the coking exterior is better.

When baking pies and pastries: Convection heat melts the fat and produces steam more quickly, which helps to generate more lift in pie dough and pastries such as croissants.

When making a large number of cookies: Convection allows you to evenly bake multiple cookie trays at the same time without having to rotate them halfway through the baking process.

Whenever you make something, you can cook it with a lid: if you cover the food like a stew, or cover the casserole with sandpaper, the moisture loss is not a problem, so you may wish to cook convection because it will be more Cook fast.

When you bake or dehydrate: When you bake bread or dehydrated food, the goal is to remove moisture as quickly as possible, so convection is more effective than conventional.

When not using convection settings

The fan becomes a fragile food and begins to be used as a batter and a responsibility when setting up cooking. The air blowing these foods can cause unbalanced results. Do not use convection when making these foods

Cream and pie




Bread: Some people think that convection causes browning and loaf, while others think it will dry the inside of the bread. The choice here really depends on you.

How to use convection settings

If you decide to use the convection settings, please note the following:

Lower the temperature: Lower the recommended oven temperature by 25°F.

Check early: Because the food is cooking faster in convection, check two-thirds or three-quarters of the recommended cooking time and make the necessary adjustments.

Make sure the air can circulate: Convection is only effective when the air can circulate on the food. Use the tray, the baking pan and the underlying baking tray. Do not cover the oven rack with an oven.

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