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What is the difference between oven and microwave?

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1.Different heating principles

The heating principle of the electric oven: the electric current of the electric resistance wire is turned on, so that the electric energy becomes heat energy, so that the temperature in the body is raised, and then the food is baked to be cooked, and the process is from outside to inside.

2.Electric oven heating method

The heating principle of the microwave oven: After the power is turned on, the electric energy becomes microwave, and the air in the furnace is transmitted to the food, and then every molecule in the food is heated, so that the food becomes hot and matures, and the process is from the inside to the outside.

3.Microwave heating method

It can be known from the above that the heating principle of the electric oven and the microwave oven is not the same. The electric oven is heated by the heat radiation of the heating tube. It belongs to the traditional heating method, which is electric heating, and the microwave oven uses microwave high-speed heating, which is electricity. The most fundamental difference between an oven and a microwave.

4.Different heating effects

The food baked in the electric oven is generally crispy inside, so the electric oven is suitable for baking food. Although the current microwave oven can also make cakes, roast chicken wings, make pizza, etc., it is difficult to make an excellent baking effect in the oven.

The food made by the electric oven is often crispy and tender.

Microwave ovens use microwaves to cause high-speed vibration of food molecules to generate heat. When heated, the moisture and nutrients of foods are lost. Although microwave ovens heat up quickly, they make foods dry easily.

For example, if you take a hoe from the refrigerator and put it in a microwave, the heated hoe will often become hard. Therefore, when heating pizza, bread, steamed bread, etc., it is recommended to put a glass of water in the microwave.

Direct heating in a microwave oven often causes food to lose moisture

Therefore, the heating method of the electric oven does not destroy the original taste of the food, but also retains the moisture and nutrients contained in the food. The cooked food is crispy and crispy, which is more suitable for the taste of the oriental, but the corresponding heating time Will be longer.

The main function of the microwave oven is rapid heating. During the heating process, most of the moisture and nutrients of the food will be lost, and it is difficult to achieve color, fragrance and taste.

5.Use different focus points

Although electric ovens and microwave ovens have the function of heating food, microwave ovens pay more attention to fast heat, which means that for many office workers, in order to make food heat quickly, it is more appropriate to choose a microwave oven. The electric oven is suitable for housewives who have ample cooking time to bake cakes and bread.

6.Different precautions for use

Before baking any food, the electric oven must be preheated to the specified temperature to match the baking time on the recipe. The preheating time of the electric oven is about 5~10 minutes. If the time is too long, the electric oven may not reach the specified temperature. If the oven is preheated and dried for a long time, it may affect the service life of the oven.

Microwave ovens do not require preheating and are always available. Microwave ovens do not easily color the surface of the food. The seasoning can be applied to the surface of the food before cooking to make it dark brown. At the end of the heating, the food is allowed to stand for a period of time or some food is added to some food to achieve a satisfactory effect that heating cannot achieve. If the food has a hard skin, it must be peeled off before it can be heated.we are provide high speed combination oven,you can know it.

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