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accelerated cooking countertop oven standard features

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accelerated cooking countertop oven standard features

Standard Features

1. Touch mode friendly interface with smart menu system, controls are intuitive and simple to


2. Three "Set TEMP" modes to meet different temperature requirement.

3. Top launched dual microwave system, cook evenly, consistently and rapidly.

4. Variable-speed, vertically-recirculated air convection and impingement, can heat, brown, and crisp powerfully and intelligently as you wish with low noise.

5. Stirrer to help ensure even distribution of air and microwave.

6. No oil-smoke design and built-in catalytic converter which break down grease-laden vapors, allowing for ventless operation, needless to ventilation and smoke exhaustion system.

7. Uses less energy than a conventional oven

8. Allows use of the metal trays, pans, screens, simplifies cooking.

9. Built-in self-diagnostics.

10. Infra-red elements tilt-up for cleaning

11. Easy to clean.

12. Warranty- one year.


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