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applicable scene of microwave oven

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High-Speed Accelerated Cooking Countertop Oven

Applicable scene of microwave oven

According to the characteristics of microwave oven heating, microwave ovens are often used to heat meals and thaw, which not only saves time but also saves electricity. In the morning, the young people who are in a hurry to go to work and have no time to cook breakfast, and the mothers are very suitable to have a microwave oven at home.

Breakfast heating is super fast and super easy, give your baby hot milk, it is very convenient to be a steamed egg or something. And those cooked foods with packaging can be handed over to the microwave oven to solve. The microwave oven is more practical and more convenient for life. But if you want to enjoy the delicious food, you still need to buy an oven. After all, the taste of the oven is not possible with the microwave oven.


1.Smart menu system provide three “Set TEMP Mode” and 432 recipes, smart card and USB interface to store and convey recipes conviniently.

2.Provides multi-stage programming(up to 6 stages) and dynamic cooking, which makes cooking simple and effective at your will.

3.Uploading menu groups and recipes images

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