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commercial microwave oven manufacturer:What is the difference between a microwave oven and an oven?

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commercial microwave oven manufacturer:What is the difference between a microwave oven and an oven?

Although the main function of the microwave oven and the oven is heating, the difference between the two methods of use and the purpose of use is quite large. The heating principle of the microwave oven is closely related to the material structure. Microwave is a high-frequency electromagnetic wave. The microwave oven uses its internal magnetron to convert electrical energy into microwave, and penetrates the food at a frequency of 2450 MHz. The polar molecules in the food (such as water, protein, fat, sugar) That is, it is attracted to oscillate at a frequency of 2450 MHz, and the molecules collide with each other to generate a large amount of frictional heat. The microwave oven uses the frictional heat generated by the molecule itself to rapidly heat the food, so the heating time is short.

The oven uses the traditional heating method. The oven uses heating devices (such as electric heating wire, ceramic electric heating, natural gas burning, etc.) to bake the appearance of the food by convection and radiation, and to process the food from the outside and inside, so that the outer focus is tender. Whether it's pasta or meat, it tastes great.we are commercial microwave oven manufacturer and provide high speed combination oven,you can know it.

Electromagnetic wave heating has the ability to penetrate, and the heating speed is relatively fast. The disadvantage is that the water loss is relatively fast. For example, heating a steamed bun and heating it in a microwave oven will be hard and difficult to enter. The oven is heated by electric heating, and the temperature is transmitted from the outside to the inside. The surface moisture loss of the food during heating is faster. The same hot steamed bread, the oven heating rate is slower, but the heated steamed buns are crispy and the inside is soft.

Applicable scene of microwave oven

According to the characteristics of microwave oven heating, microwave ovens are often used to heat meals and thaw, which not only saves time but also saves electricity. In the morning, the young people who are in a hurry to go to work and have no time to cook breakfast, and the mothers are very suitable to have a microwave oven at home.

Breakfast heating is super fast and super easy, give your baby hot milk, it is very convenient to be a steamed egg or something. And those cooked foods with packaging can be handed over to the microwave oven to solve. The microwave oven is more practical and more convenient for life. But if you want to enjoy the delicious food, you still need to buy an oven. After all, the taste of the oven is not possible with the microwave oven.

It should be noted that the heating of the microwave oven is heated by the electromagnetic energy generated by the electromagnetic microwave. The heating speed is fast, but the water loss is faster. Therefore, when heating the food, we usually use a lidded dish to hold the food to heat, but Metalware should not be used when heating food in a microwave oven. Because metalware such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel, etc. is placed in the microwave oven, the microwave oven will generate electric sparks and reflect microwaves when heated, which will damage the induction cooker and not be cooked. . Like the eight-treasure porridge in a heated can, it is necessary to pour the eight-treasure porridge into a bowl suitable for heating in a microwave oven. It is very dangerous to put the eight-treasure porridge of the iron can into the microwave oven directly.

Microwave oven vs oven: Which one is better to eat?

Applicable scene for the oven

The oven heats the air through a heating tube that transfers heat to the food and heats it from the outside to the inside. The temperature is controllable, and the food is tender and tender, which is very suitable for baking and barbecue. If you use the oven to heat the food, it is very troublesome. The first is that the heating speed is slow. Second, the oven can't be heated like a microwave oven, especially in plastic packaging. It is fine in the microwave oven, but it is placed in the oven. It will be roasted.

Although some microwave ovens can also make some cakes, roast chicken wings, pizza, etc., it is difficult to make an excellent baking effect in the oven.

However, when baking in the oven, it should be noted that the oven is heated from the outside and inside, so the ingredients close to the heating tube are cooked very quickly, which leads to the fact that it may not be cooked when it is cooked outside, so when baking Be sure to pay attention to turning over and avoiding one side of the face. When baking a cake is about to be baked, it is best to poke the middle part with a toothpick to see if it is really cooked.we are commercial microwave oven manufacturer and provide high speed combination oven,you can know it.

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