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commercial microwave ovens heat food

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Let us start from the water. The water molecule is composed of an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. The oxygen atom is very attractive to electrons, so the electrons in the water molecule are concentrated at the end of the oxygen atom, and the corresponding hydrogen atom is less. On the whole, one end of the water molecule is positively charged and the other end is negatively charged. Chemically, such molecules are called polar molecules.

In the usual water, the water molecules are arranged in disorder, and the positive and negative electric impulses are in either direction. When the water is in the electric field, the positive side will turn to the negative pole of the electric field, and the negative side with the negative electric current will turn to the positive pole of the electric field. The so-called "heterosexual attraction, homosexual repelling".

If it is a static electric field, the water molecules will be quiet when they line up. If the electric field is constantly turning, the water molecules will follow and try to maintain a smooth formation with the electric field.

high-speed combi microwave toasting oven


1.Provides multi-stage programming(up to 6 stages) and dynamic cooking, which makes cooking simple and effective at your will.

2.Uploading menu groups and recipes images

3.Distinctive design of locking moisture and precise temperature control to ensure the quality and taste with high rate of moisture and nutrition.

4.Built-in self-diagnostics

5.No oil-smoke design and built-in catalytic converter.Needless to ventilation and smoke exhaustion system.Contamination and taint of odor are prevented while cooking different foods.

6.Distinctive microwave design, metal cookware are suitable for a variety of food.

high speed combination oven selection elements

Temperature control

Temperature control, that is, the constant temperature function of the oven, the general temperature range is between 30 ° C and 250 ° C. Among them, the low temperature function is mainly used for fermentation. For oven novices, low temperatures make the state of the food easier to observe and control, which can further increase the success rate.

In addition to temperature control, the oven also requires three stages of fire control, namely heating options, including upper heating, lower heating and simultaneous heating up and down.


The more grills reserved in the oven, the more it can meet the heating needs of different ingredients, and the corresponding oven liner will be larger. When purchasing, you should try to choose an oven with more than 4 layers to ensure practicality.

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